Saturday, January 31, 2015

A necessary evil

This is Patty's cute sampler quilt, appropriate with Valentine's Day coming up.

In the blocks I tried a something like the feathered medallion I saw in an article by Sue Heinz from the January/February issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited .

This is something I will try again.  It's a good article and I will probably end up ordering her Circleliner Tool. This issue has several good articles including one by Margaret Solomon Gunn on 'Stitching in the Ditch'.  It's something many quilters avoid but I see it as a necessary evil.


  1. The quilt turned out great! I'm one of the freaky people who love SID. But I don't do it for customers so my perspective is different.

  2. This quilting is just inspired! Thank you for sharing! I am obsessed with pink and red combinations right now. Beautiful quilt.

  3. I purchased her Circleliner at a show from her very nice husband. I didn't get to meet Sue but bought a few of her books also. Would love to take one of her classes. I find it very useful and have used several times.

  4. I wish every quilter saw the beauty of ditched blocks!