Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ann's monster


This is Ann's monster of a quilt.  She considers it a monster because it was demanding to piece and took her several years to get around to finishing it.  I consider it a monster because it is HUGE. 

Ann wanted custom but because it will be used on a bed, didn't want heavy quilting.  I find it hard to NOT do SID on a well pieced quilt - I ended up doing more than I planned.

I remembered that I had quilted this pattern before - another monster!  June chose very different fabrics for her version - Japanese taupes and florals.  Ann used reproduction Civil War era fabrics in keeping with Judy Rothermel's pattern.  They both work!

We're in for some cold, icy snowy weather here in Kansas.  I have a pile of quilts to quilt my way through and a pile of cats to keep me warm at night!




  1. Beautiful! Glad you did all the SID....well worth it. Hot summer here in New Zealand!

  2. I chuckled when I saw this quilt. I did this one for one of my customers and you are so right about the Sid. Now my guild has asked me to quilt this same top for the 2015 quilt show raffle. At least now I know how to tackle this "monster." Lol

  3. Hey...I made that quilt too - or I should is in the UFO pile! I'm really close to finishing it, should do that one of these days. I love the way you quilted it - I had thoughts of just an all-over pattern, since it's already so busy - but really love what you did with this one!

  4. I love sampler quilts - you did a beautiful job quilting this one.
    Our temp. (near Toronto, On.) is right at freezing, and it's raining a lot. Ice everywhere, but it is supposed to warm up. Happy New Year!

  5. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.