Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The final two!

I just finished my final two customer quilts - now I am on my own and able to work on whatever I want! 

This was the next-to-last, an Eleanor Burns pattern pieced by long-time customer Marsha.  I used to call her the Thimbleberries Lady but she has branched out!

As always, her piecing is excellent which makes my job easy.

My very last customer quilt was a doozy!  Cecelia started this Latte quilt years ago and has been waiting a very long time for me to finish it for her - sorry Cecelia. 

 It was a doozy because it is BIG, has some very stiff fusible interfacing (which Cecelia apologized for) and lots of satin fabric.  The interfacing was only a problem because if I had to pick stitches out, the needle holes were impossible to get rid of.  So, I didn't make any mistakes!  Yeah, right.


So now I can get busy on the many projects of my own that I have put off, including cleaning up my house and studio.

Last week I went to a wonderful estate sale here in Sedgwick.  Many generations had lived in this house and they never threw anything away!  It was bursting at the seams with great old stuff. 

I found this wacky old pincushion

And went back on the last day of the sale when everything was 75% off and bought this beautiful 19th century wool shawl.  Gorgeous colors! 

I also bought an old quilt which I will post about once I have done some research on it.

Gail Stepanek and I are both excited to see the cover of the next Quilters Newsletter magazine - we're cover girls!!