Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bunny Hill snowmen

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This Bunny Hill pattern was made by Mary, who always does an impeccable job on her machine applique.  She also lets me use wool batting - my favorite.

Love the red truck!

I was afraid a heavy background fill done in light thread on the blocks with red background fabric would look messy and distracting - so I just stuck with straight lines in those blocks.


Mary hasn't finished putting eyes and smiles on all the snowmen - so some of them only
have noses.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

They come in threes

I finished another appliqued quilt, this one for Trudy.  She wanted a leafy vine so I did a leafy version of feathers around the border.

I considered using metallic thread but Trudy said she likes green and it looks pretty dramatic on the dark blue background.  I like the way the crosshatching softens the blocks from a distance.

Trudy did a lot of three-dimensional applique and beading which looks cool up close.

I have another appliqued quilt on my longarm now, they must come in threes -  just like my orange cats!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My magnetic personality

This is Connie's applique quilt  - she spends her winters in Arizona and found this pattern there.  Her applique is beautifully done and her fabric choices are wonderful. Connie has a world class stash, in fact after my husband Peter saw it he started calling Connie "Mrs. Stash". 

Connie also has a world class collection of polka dots.  She used a different polka dot fabric for almost all of the cactus sections without repeating a fabric - and there are 12 of these cactus blocks!

What is it about me and orange cats?  Last summer there were two orange strays that I fed.  One ended up at the humane society and one I managed to find a new home for.  Now I have three orange cats on my doorstep - I must be an orange cat magnet!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Back to work again

I have finally finished quilting the quilt I'm working on with Gail Stepanek.  We are both excited about this quilt (it's called Stars on Mars- great name!) and I will eventually show pictures of it.  It took me much longer to do than I had anticipated so I am now WAY behind schedule on my customer quilts.

The quilt at the top is one that Joyce has been waiting patiently for me to quilt.  I love this quilt designed by Charlotte Wolfe of Charlotte's Sew Natural.  Joyce wanted metallic thread but we decided to use Glide thread in a gold color which gives the same effect but is stronger and stands up better to use.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PQG quilt exhibit at CityArts

I have been working on coordinating an exhibit of quilts by Prairie Quilt Guild members at CityArts in Wichita.  The exhibit was hung last week and was included in Final Friday - an art gallery walk that takes place once a month in Wichita.  I was disappointed that only 5 or 6 guild members showed up for the exhibit but it was well attended by the public.  The show will hang through June 22 at CityArts, 334 N. Mead Street (across from the Warren Theater in Old Town) and I hope lots of people get to see it and enjoy the quilts.  It's really a wonderful gallery space and the quilts looked amazing in that setting.

Guild members Barb Nickelson, Evelyn Gernaat and Lois Stewart brought applique and quilting projects to demonstrate techniques.

Living in an old house has it's drawbacks, including old plumbing.  After I found a leak in the basement I had to have a new line put in from the street.  Not exactly the way I had planned to spend my award money from MQS.

I want one of these.

I saw this on and had to share.  It's the Alto Intuitive Sewing Machine designed by UK industrial designer Sarah Dickins.  She wanted a machine with more intuitive operation to appeal to beginners.  More here: