Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Good, the Bad and all the rest!

Still moving slow here - things have changed since my husband Peter was diagnosed with lung cancer.  We spend so much time driving to appointments or waiting in doctor's offices that it seems to suck up most of the time in every day.  Thankfully, he is holding up well through all his treatments.  We are also lucky to have many wonderful neighbors and quilting friends that have given us support and offered their help. But this has all slowed down my quilting news!

Last week we drove to Lawrence, Kansas, where I was the speaker for the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild.  They are a fun and friendly group and we enjoyed our stay there. Of course I also had to visit to Sarah's, a legendary quilt shop in Lawrence and bring home a few goodies.

We stayed in a wonderful bed and breakfast - here is Peter resting up. I couldn't resist taking a picture from this weird perspective.  At least his shoes aren't ON the bed.

I visited my friend Siriporn in her studio last weekend.  She somehow fits two 14 foot tables in there: one Gammill and one Innova.  It probably helps that she is an itty bitty little person.

Here she is inside her Innova. 

When we were in Dallas a few weeks ago I made sure we had a chance to go to IKEA.   I bought the perfect little light for my machine.  Peter attached it to my Innova with nylon cable ties and it has made such a difference in my ability to see what I am doing!  Right now I am working on a dark quilt and it would have been much harder without the new light.  This light is available from IKEA online too.

Some good news:  My Tree of Life - with Bugs won an award at the AQS show in Lancaster!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dallas Quilt Celebration

It's been a while - too much happening, both good and bad.  I don't have any customer quilts to post because I'm working on a long term project that I can't show for a while.  But we did drive down to the Dallas Quilt Celebration last weekend so I have some quilt pictures to share.

I was impressed with the show and can't believe the Dallas Guild puts it on every year!  It's a big show with lots of vendors and some very nice quilts - and it is not a juried show.  Here are some of my favorites:

I love this cat quilt - You Talkin' ta Me?  by Tonya Littman.  That cat looks like a real character.

This is Wrought Iron and Roses by Janette Huff.  Some very nice quilting on this one, done on DSM.

Blue Diamonds, by Lynn McCartney.  I like the way the motifs are quilted in a contrasting color, surrounded by thread that matches the background.

I especially like the border from Folk Art in Bloom by Richard Larson.

This quilt was inspired by a book with the same name: An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles by Mary Shepherd.  I gave the book to Peter years ago and always thought it had a quilt in it.  Somebody beat
me to it!

I think this was my favorite quilt of all: Everyday in Blossoms by Eun Yeon Yoo.  Really beautiful hand workmanship, from the crazy quilted center to the doll dress blocks which were so tiny -and smocked and embroidered.

My quilt Indian Summer won a ribbon too - probably it's last since it is about at the end of it's shelf life as a show quilt.

I had more good news today: my quilt Tree of Life - with Bugs won a ribbon at the AQS show in Lancaster.  Here is a link to the winners.