Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yes, my wife quilts

This is Rita's quilt which will hang in my LQS, Charlotte's Sew Natural, as a sample.  Rita hasn't been quilting that long and did a really nice job on this quilt.  I think it is the first time she has had custom quilting on a quilt so I wanted it to be pretty.  I made templates for the designs in the setting triangles and quilted feathered wreaths around the sampler blocks. 

I love the Japanese fabrics Debbie chose for her wall hanging and I love the way it turned out !

At MQS we saw a quilter's husband wearing a shirt like this.  We asked if we could copy the
idea  because Peter REALLY wanted one like it to wear to guild.  Can you see the stray threads glued all over it?

I did the lettering and outline stitching, Peter glued the threads on. He was especially pleased when he wore it to Charlotte's and Mary started automatically picking a thread off!

Hot here today and we had our first corn on the cob for the summer - yum!  Can't wait for the first real tomatoes.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

More of Eddie's quilts

Here are the rest of Eddie's quilts.  This one had lots of room for quilting - of course I chose feathers!  They are fun to do and so pretty.

This one didn't need a lot of fancy quilting.  I paid attention to the borders and did an edge-to- edge design in the center.  The fabric is so busy that any fancy quilting would have been lost.

It's really easier to see on the back!

Hot and humid here now.  I'm trying to get the garden mulched and Peter is working on repairing the backyard fence which is suffering from the strong Kansas winds! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Quilt shops and a baby owl

I've been working on three quilts for Eddie - here is the first one.  Eddie believes in making BIG quilts!

I was stumped for awhile on the border, it is a very wide border and I didn't want to do a single line of feathers - the feathers would have been huge.  So I tried a double border of feathers- what do you think?  It's hard to see on the dark blue fabric.

Last Saturday I met my friend Siriporn at Material Girls, a local quilt shop in Wichita.  She quilts a lot of store samples for them and I really liked this one.  I made her pose next to it!

On the way home I stopped at another quilt shop - Picket Fence, and saw this cute little guy.

Shop owner Lisa said she found him that morning while she was on a walk   He was in the middle of the street being attacked by grackles so she picked him up (he bit her) and put him in a pet carrier.  She was taking him to the raptor center for care.  We had a storm the night  before and he must of been knocked out of a tree.  They think he is a screech owl.  I hope he makes it!