Thursday, August 30, 2012

No traditional feathers here!

This is Susan's quilt which has taken me weeks to finish since I only have a few hours each day to quilt.  Peter is now off of chemo and we have called in Hospice - they are such a help.
The border fabric on this quilt is wild!  Susan has done a wonderful job of finding fabrics to go with it.  At first I was stumped trying to come up with ideas for quilting  - my old standby of traditional feathers just didn't seem right here.  I ended up using the leaves in the fabric for inspiration.



My sister Kathy and BIL Don came to visit last week.  We had a wonderful  visit and celebrated both Kathy and my birthdays.  Here is a picture of me opening my birthday card which had flying pigs on it.  Fortunately I had my pig nose handy.  For some reason I can't make this photo any larger.  Maybe that's a blessing!
This is the way I saw Don much of the time - gazing into his iPod.
I made a great video of my sister cutting open this watermelon but couldn't get it to download properly from my phone.

One more customer quilt to finish and I can work on my own quilts!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joy of Life

Another Joy of Life quilt, this one by Katherine.  This is the third one of these that I have quilted and they all turn out a little different.  I still like this design and enjoy quilting it.

This is the first year in a long time that I haven't had a quilt of my own to enter in Houston.  However, I did collaborate on a quilt with Gail Stepanek and we heard recently that it was accepted into the show. I'll post pictures once the show opens in November.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A little bit more

It turns out that I still have a few customer quilts left to do; I told several people I would finish their quilts after our quilt show. This is Marilyn's little applique quilt. It's almost a wholecloth with a little applique!

It's crib quilt size and Marilyn said she was making quilts for great grand children that she doesn't have yet!  She liked the way this one turned out and says she may keep it for herself after all.

I have a new iPhone which has taken me weeks to figure out.  I took pictures of the set up for my guild quilt show with the phone and then couldn't figure out how to download them.  So here they are a month after  the show!  Here is the building all ready for the quilts.  The quilt racks were set up for us and the guild members hung the quilts.  (over 600 of them)

Quilts being sorted after drop off early in the day.

The quilts start to go up.

This shows the size of the building a little better, it is 93,000 square feet and our show fills it up pretty well, with quilts and  vendors.  This is the venue for next year's MQS.