Saturday, April 4, 2015

I solemnly swear...

I know, I know - it's been two months since I last posted. I almost decided to stop posting at all.  When I go back and look at my old posts I realized that I used to actually write something, rather than just slapping a few pictures up and calling it good.  After dealing with camera problems and computer problems I was just ready to forget the whole thing.  But... I did kind of miss it, so I will start up again.

Lots of customer quilt pictures are missing, so I will just post what I could find.  I haven't replaced my old photoshop so can't edit the photos as I used to .  This makes me cranky but I will just have to find a replacement.  Until then the pictures are messy looking.  Grrrr.

This is Betty's scrap quilt - she says the colors and fabric choices are nothing like her usual.  I like her use of polka dots - they are a nice surprise in this quilt.. 

This is an opportunity quilt I quilted for Elsie Campbell's guild in Oklahoma.

All of that open space was somewhat daunting especially because the corners were oddly shaped. I turned to my favorite solution - feathers!


I did have to do some marking on this before I put it on my machine. While it was on my design wall, I marked it with plain old schoolroom chalk.  It does start to come off once it is rolled up on the machine but it held up long enough for me to do the quilting.


I think this is an unusual and interesting quilt - some Oklahoma quilter will be excited to win it!

This is Cecelia and her beautiful quilt designed by Jenny Beyer.

Cecelia owns a quilt shop in western Kansas and drives a long way to deliver and pick up her quilts!  Her workmanship is excellent and I always enjoy quilting for her.  This quilt will hang in her shop as a sample.
I used Glide thread in gold to give the effect of metallic and just followed the design in the fabric. I must have done a good job following the lines because I can't see it at all in the photo!  In person it does show - adding glints of gold. 


I'm now taking some time off from customer quilting to work on my own quilt and one of Gail's.  Here is a preview of Gail's quilt.
Really!  I'm working on the quilting design here.  More later.
I also took time to attend an auction and bought this chair, which Elsie immediately tested for me.  All four cats have now approved it.

I solemnly swear I will be a better blogger!


  1. I have missed the enjoyment of your beautiful work!
    Jane in Overbrook

  2. Thank you Jane! I hope you found a show to enter your quilt in.

  3. Gorgeous quilting!
    I've always wanted to make a pine burr quilt.
    I love the chair you bought. Looks like a Morris chair with a little added detail in the woodwork.

  4. Glad to see your re-blogation. 'I solemnly swear...' is a refreshing change from 'A Necessary Evil'. Fun to see the hints of yours and Gail's next quilts. I admit my own blog has been dormant since last summer, so maybe yours will inspire me to get back to it.

  5. Glad you're back to show these wonderful goodies! L

  6. Jan, do you mark that scrolly design for the 1st quilt's diamonds?! I cannot imagine stitching that freehand all those times.
    PS..Tell Gail to slow down :-)

    1. Yes, I made a template and marked it with chalk as I worked my way down the quilt. It still took forever! Gail is always ahead of me - and you should talk!

  7. Welcome back! Try GIMP for photo editing. I replaced Photoshop with GIMP and really like it a lot. It has a little learning curve but it's the most like Photoshop and a little Google search will find you answers to most anything you want to do.....and it's free!

  8. I was thinking the other day I had not seen a post from you in some time. Sorry about all your computer woes but I am glad that you are back and posting again as I always look forward to your quilting photos. I have always loved the pine burr pattern. Can't wait to see what your show quilt will look like, spectacular for sure!

  9. Welcome back! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!!!

  10. Thanks for blogging again! I have followed your posts since you spoke at Kaw Valley in Lawrence and always look forward to your next quilt!

  11. I am glad you decided to keep blogging. I enjoy seeing what you are working on.

  12. I'll add my voice to the others -- I love seeing your beautiful quilts. So thanks for pushing past the computer problems!

  13. So glad you are back to posting. I really enjoy seeing your work. It will be interesting what you post after you have gone to Paducah with us. Michele

  14. Your quilting is just exquisite!