Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bright and cheerful


This bright cheerful quilt was fun to work on when it's cold and wintry out. 

Jan's piecing is excellent, which made my job easier.

Because it has more of a modern look to it, I avoided traditional feathers.

Betty made this double wedding ring for her son.  She wanted custom but not heavy custom since it will be
used on a bed.


Even though she used pink in the piecing, with the gray background it still looks pretty manly.


Thanks for all the congratulations on Gail and my quilts!  In answer to your question, My Brunette Whig took about 2 months of full time quilting to finish.


  1. Beautiful quilts. Gorgeous quilting.


  2. Both are gorgeous! Beautiful quilting!

  3. Your quilting on both of these are exquisite! Nicely done!

  4. They both are fantastic but I love that modified churn dash! I need to make that quilt! and I love the filler quilting you did in the small rectangle areas.