Friday, December 21, 2012

Night and Day

At last - some customer quilts!  These are for Eddie, who makes huge quilts for her grandchildren.  This one is the Eleanor Burns pattern called Night and Day for a grandson from Texas that wanted a red, white and blue quilt.  Humongous pieced quilts like this are a bit tedious to do but look nice in the end.

A non-huge quilt from Eddie - this one has all the properly trademarked embroidery for KSU in the school colors. 


I mentioned Ollie the cat  a while back, a stray that I was trying to find a home for.  He had so much personality and was neutered and declawed, I just couldn't stand to send him to the Humane Society.  After taking care of him for 3-4 months and getting very attached to him, a friend found someone that was just moving into a new house and wanted a cat to adopt.  Ollie really lucked in to a wonderful home.  They sent me this picture of him relaxing as they unpacked.  Does he look comfortable and happy or what?  I nice ending to that stray cat story.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little bit of Christmas

Yesterday was my little sewing group's Christmas party.  We brought a gift that we had made and then drew numbers and each picked a gift from the pile of goodies.  The quilt pictured above was not a Christmas gift, but one that I had quilted for Jean several years ago and she wanted to show it to everyone all bound and finished.  She made the cross stitched blocks and I put them together in this quilt for her.  The center is done with shadow trapunto.  It was fun  to see it again and made me wonder why I haven't tried more shadow trapunto!

Here is Jean with the tablerunner that Betty made.  Our meeting was held at Jean's house and you can see that with her red walls it is a great place for a Christmas party!  She had decorated her house beautifully and I'm kicking myself for not taking some pictures.


This is Kelly with her placemats made by Evelyn. I remember once making placemats and realizing even though they are small they need a lot of binding!

This is Virginia with her tabletopper made by Kelly.  I should have gotten a close up of it, the fabric had sewing notions on it - very cute.


Evelyn received this tabletopper made by Dee.  She lives next door to Dee and had helped her with it!

Jean embroidered this tea towel for Dee...

and gave her this pretty scarf.

Sherry received this quilt from Virginia.  Virginia had us all give her our signatures and she then embroidered a block for each of us and made it into this quilt.  It is made from doubleknit polyester and is very heavy and warm!  Virginia loves to make quilts from doubleknit and has a secret stash of it.

Betty received this wall hanging from Madeline.  Madeline quilted a Christmas panel to make it.


Madeline ended up with this pincushion which I made.  It's from a pattern called The Warbler by The Blackberry Patch. It's kind of hard to see - it blends into Madeline's sweater!

I was lucky to receive this cool little quilt made by Sherry.
I love to receive hand made gifts - I wish I would take the time to make more of my own gifts for friends and family.