Thursday, February 22, 2018


 Surprise!  It's me again,  after a very long time.  I started this blog mostly to post pictures of my customer's quilts and once I stopped doing much customer quilting it just sort of died.  I have enough pictures from the last year to make a few posts, so I'll start from there.

I recently quilted this Baltimore Bunnies quilt for Donna.  She is making beautiful appliqué quilts for her lucky granddaughters and this is the third one I have quilted for her.

She redesigned the border which I think improved the design and of course also made it harder and more complicated. The pattern is pretty darned cute to begin with!

 Lucky granddaughters!  I asked her if I could be an Honorary Granddaughter.

This is the last quilt I did for her:

It won a ribbons at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Show and Best of Show at our Guild Show.  I'm sure the bunnies will do well too.

So there it is, I'm back in blog land!