Monday, January 31, 2011

Quilting, not blogging

I have been quilting, not blogging, the last few weeks.  I just finished this quilt for Pattie and she is waiting to see it finished for the first time online.  We are having nasty winter weather so I may not be able to get it to her until next week.  I hope you like it Pattie!  I think it turned out really well - if you don't like it, just let me know and I will find a home for it! (at my house)

I love this kind of pattern that allows room for quilting.

Pattie requested echo quilting in the center. 

This is probably the tenth one of these Queen and Her Court quilts that I have quilted.  Fortunately, I like the design!  I did two in a row for Teresa (this is her quilt) and her sister Rayna, whose quilt I forgot to photograph.  They were quilted similarly but not exactly alike.

I used a light pink thread on Teresa's quilt and I like the way it turned out.

This is Julie's Hop to It quilt. I did one a while back for Mary, and this one is similar but I tried something different in the borders.

We are preparing ourselves for ice and snow tonight and the next day or so.  Very cold temperatures also - but we really can't complain.  It is winter and so far we have escaped the heavy snow that other parts of the country have received.  I'm feeling a batch of cookies coming on - something about cold weather makes me want to make cookies!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Timing is everything

We didn't make it to the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show and I'm really sorry we didn't because my quilt Indian Summer won Best of Show!  My friend Carol was there appraising quilts and she called to tell me I had won.  I think I probably squealed rather loudly in her ear - I hope she has recovered, but it was very exciting.  Lynn and Ron took a picture for me.

I was home learning how to time my longarm machine.  Peter was the one actually doing the work and it was a learning experience!  It is one of those jobs that really needs sharp young eyes (we used lots of extra lights and magnification for our blurry old eyes).

I have stacks of quilts waiting for me to get to them so I will be staying busy.  The snow is finally melting, just in time for the next round of storms.  I had to cancel both of our Prairie Quilt Guild meetings last week - I was hoping I wouldn't be faced with that decision.  It was snowy and very cold, so it seemed to be the best thing to do.

It's cold and snowy and really that is the best excuse to stay inside and quilt.  Not that I need an excuse!

Friday, January 7, 2011


This is Ann's latest quilt  - it is a Miss Rosie pattern called 'Eventide'.  The color in the photo above is a bit washed out, the quilt actually has more warm beige than the white.  It's a beauty though!  That Ann is a busy quilter, she is bringing me another top next month.

I adjusted the contrast in the close-ups which makes the color really wacky.

If the weather holds, Peter and I plan to drive down to Oklahoma City next week for the Winter Quilt Show.  Anyone else plan to attend?  I have a quilt entered, and Lynn and I entered the quilt we worked on together.  It is supposed to get COLD next week with some snow, so we'll have to wait and see what the weather is like.  My quilts definitely travel more than I do!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A post for 1-1-11

I guess I have had a vacation from my blog as well as from quilting for customers.  We had a quiet Christmas and I had time to finish a new miniature quilt to enter in MQS this year.  I'm going to save pictures of it to post closer to the show.  This last week I have started in again on customer quilts.  I did several small challenge quilts for guild members but I can't post them because we are supposed to keep them a secret until we turn them in. 

 The quilt at the top of the blog is Barb's, she used a pattern by Cleo's Designs and did her own larger version of it. Cleo is a member of our guild and has had real success with her patterns.  They are designed to be done with fusible applique.  This is her website if you want to see her patterns.  She is also a wonderful gardener, so you can see where she gets her inspiration.
I like Barb's version a lot.  She said she had a spot in mind for the wallhanging so wanted it to be just the right size.

I looked back at my January post from last year and realized I haven't completed ANY of the three projects I said I wanted to finish in 2010.  Pretty pitiful.  I'll just have to try again this year!

My friend Sandy sent me this cute aromatherapy Ladybug pillow.  (It has lavender inside)  I like that it comes with it's own little t-shirt to wear so you can wash the t-shirt and keep the pillow clean!  No thanks, that's like putting plastic down all over your furniture and rugs to keep them clean - but then you have to stare at plastic instead of nice furniture and rugs.