Monday, October 15, 2012

A new quilt

I haven't had anything to post for a while because I have been busy working on a large wholecloth of my own.  I won't post pictures of it just yet, but this is some of the thread I'm using.  You can see from this that it's not going to be a traditional whitework quilt!


Since the quilt I worked on with Gail Stepanek is now in Houston all judged and ready to hang in the show, Gail told me I could go ahead and post pictures.  This is Mistaken Identity and I think it's a beauty!  Gail's workmanship is impeccable and I loved working on it with her. 

When I asked her if she had any suggestions for the quilting she thought a radiating design might be appropriate.  That seemed like a good idea to me so I went with that.

Working on the dark fabric was a challenge and I was very thankful to have my little light from IKEA.  But it was still hard to see when I did the tiny stipple around the feathers.  I ended up drawing over that area with white chalk and I could then see my stitches as I

The chalk wipes off easily.
We are having beautiful fall weather here in Kansas.  This is a neighborhood cat enjoying the sun in my bag of weeds. He looks very Halloween-y.