Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Before and after

I'm amazed no one found the problem - or at least no one left a comment that they did.  That makes me feel a little better because I always check the quilt over for problems before I unpin it from the machine, and I was kicking myself for missing it. 

Here is the problem block, it's the one with the pink flowers.

Here it is after I fixed it in a photo taken in very different lighting.  You can see I left out the crosshatched triangle on the left side of the block.

Blogger is misbehaving, I'm having a terrible time getting the pictures where I want them!

Now go back to the photo of the whole quilt on yesterday's post and your eye will find it like a magnet!

Monday, November 29, 2010

What is wrong with this picture?

Barb brought me this beautiful applique top to quilt.  She says she finished the blocks years ago and only just finished the border, which she designed herself.  The blocks are a Piece of Cake design.  I was inspired to do a lot of quilting but did not finish the quilt without some mishaps.

I started the piano key border (the straight lines along the edge of the quilt) at the top and then I quilted all the way down the quilt and did the piano key border at the bottom.  I like to do the piano key border along the side going up the quilt, it is just easier for me to use the ruler that way.  When I finally made it back up to the top of the quilt I found that I had started the top with half-inch piano keys but forgot that by the time I reached the bottom, so had done three-quarter inch piano keys at the bottom and up the sides.  DUH!  I had to take out the stitches on top and redo the border there.

Once I finished the quilt, I pinned it to my design wall to admire it and found another dumb mistake!  It has to do with the crosshatching, can you find it?  Once you see it, your eye is drawn to it like a magnet and you wonder what kind of idiot quilter made that mistake!  I'll post the corrected quilt tomorrow.

So I got to work on my stitch ripping skills and I have to say that the perfectly even stitches that my Innova makes made the job easier than usual!  Maybe they should put that in their ads?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spam for Thanksgiving

This is Karen's quilt with all the embroidered baskets.  I left it on my design wall to enjoy until she picked it up, it is such a cheerful little quilt!

Her embroidery is really well done, such tiny even stitches.

Linda wanted gold metallic thread on her quilt.

It is very sparkly in the right light.

Our email address book was hacked this week.  All of our friends received a Viagra ad thanks to some cheesy spammer.  I changed our email password and we took the computer in to be checked.  It was clear of viruses and malware so I think it is safe to open our emails once again!

I'm still madly trying to catch up after my three weeks without a longarm machine.  As a result, Dood now feels like home so it was a good way to get me acclimated to a new machine!

Happy Thanksgiving to all - I plan to use my new turkey platter for the first time.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Open Studio


Another quilt from Marsha the Thimbleberries lady.  She does such a nice job on her piecing, it really makes my job so much easier!

Our speaker at Prairie Quilt Guild this week was Jane Hardy Miller, the author of the French Braid quilt books.  She was a fun speaker and brought many quilts with her, including a few from her upcoming book.  Here are a few of her quilts, I didn't post the ones that haven't been published yet, you'll have to wait until May when the book comes out to see those

Tomorrow we are having an open studio for the local longarm group to come see my new Innova.  Peter and I are Sales Reps in addition to being happy Innova owners, so we wanted people to have a chance to try the machine.  It will be fun to have some longarm chat and cookies!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A basket quilt and some tomatoes

I finished a quilt for Ann, she always does such a beautiful job. This was a pattern I had admired but resolved never to attempt since I am a piecing spaz. I did a lot of quilting on this one even though this is a busy quilt.


I love basket quilts, I will have to make one someday, despite my piecing problems!

We finally had a freeze, so I can stop obsessing about watering. I went out and picked every tomato left on the vine and they have been ripening up like crazy. I made tomato sauce for the freezer and tonight we are having BLT's for dinner. Yum.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I love my new Dood!

I'm getting along just great with my new Innova.  I finished up Mary's quilt (she had to wait for a month!).  It was started on my old Gammill and finished up on my Innova.  I really love the new machine - it feels different; like getting a new car and having to figure out where the windshield wipers and lights are, but it is already starting to feel like home.

This is such a striking quilt - it is a Jinny Beyer design, I think it is called Around the World.  I used bright thread in Mary's quilt: something different for me, I usually stick with thread that matches or nearly matches the  background.   But I thought this quilt would benefit from contrasting thread - I used five or six different colors of green, purple and turquoise. 

It's getting cold here in Kansas, time to pull out the down comforter.  I picked all the remaining tomatoes no matter how green they are and I'm ready for the first freeze.  I have to admit, I don't mind giving up on watering everything!