Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quilting break - it's hat time!

I'm still working on my wholecloth but I did take some time off over Thanksgiving to visit with friends from Colorado Springs.  Sandy wanted to goto Hatman Jack's - it's a great hat shop in Wichita.  If any of you are planning to attend MQS this May, it's walking distance from the show. 

I have pretty much given up wearing hats because women's hat makers think all women have the same itty bitty sized head.  I happen to have a big fat head and the typical women's hat perches on it like a toy hat.  The only hat I could find at Hatman Jack's that fit me was a men's large or extra large!  I wish it was due to lots of brains.

Sandy has the opposite problem - she's a pin head. 

Even women's hats are too big for her - this one comes complete with blond wig.

She tried one of those side-of-the-head pancake things.

Tom's head size seems to be more in the normal range.

Back to quilting!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I can't believe I'm doing this

I'm still slogging along on my wholecloth. Once I had finished about 3/4 of the quilting I took the quilt off my longarm and pinned it to my design wall. I realized one part of the design wasn't working - just too much thread.  It overwhelmed the rest of the quilt.  So I have been picking it out for the last two weeks!  I must be insane. It should all be out by Thanksgiving and I know it will be a better quilt for all this picking. 

I'll eventually post before and after pictures and you can tell me if I did the right thing!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Postcard from Houston

I'm still hard at work on my wholecloth so no photos there yet.  Gail Stepanek attended the show in Houston and I asked her  to send me a picture of our quilt hanging there. I wish I could have been there too!  Maybe next year I will make it to the show.

Here is Gail with Mistaken Identity and an Honorable Mention ribbon! 

About my last post: someone asked what kind of chalk I used - it is just plain old  schoolroom chalk.  I stick with white and have no problems brushing it off with a soft cloth.