Sunday, November 24, 2013

Have a happy Thanksgiving

I have been busy quilting although I haven't posted for a while.  Most recently I finished a black on black quilt which just about did me in.  Much as I love the look of black backgrounds - they are so difficult to see the quilting on and are hard on my aging eyeballs. I couldn't get a decent picture of it.

Margret brought me two wall hangings to quilt -  she had planned to quilt them with her sewing machine but never got around to it.  I really like the look of the colored thread (Glide) on the feathered star quilt. 


Margret is a very experienced piecer so her quilts were precisely made and a pleasure to quilt.

This quilt had lots of blank space for me to play in and I did get a little carried away.  On this quilt I used So Fine so I could do a lot of quilting and have a better chance of hiding any backtracking.


My next quilt is a whopper and should take me through Thanksgiving to complete.

Have a happy Thanksgiving! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three seasons of quilts

This first quilt is one I finished several months ago but couldn't post because it was a surprise gift. It has a kind of complicated history: it was made by Susan for Lily and Lily's mother Charlotte had it quilted as a surprise for her. 

There are so many cute Halloween patterns available now  and Susan did a beautiful job making it.

Next up is a Christmas quilt made by Jo, one of the owners of Material Girls Quilt Shoppe in Wichita.  I've quilted lots of Christmas quilts but hadn't seen this one before - it's called The Blessings of Winter by Shabby Fabrics.

In Jo I found a fellow metallic thread fan so quilted this with lots of silver, red and blue metallic thread.  It's frustrating that I can't get the metallic thread to sparkle for the picture!  The trees in the border are all silver metallic.


Jo chose a solid red for the backing which made the quilting really show up.


And finally, this bright summery quilt made by Kelly.  It is brighter than it shows in the photos - I tried to tweak the color with no luck.  So bright that it really glowed on the dark gloomy November days when I quilted it.

This was Kelly's first fused applique project and according to her, her last fused applique project.  All of the many little pieces did not want to stay fused and I found several fish eyeballs on the floor underneath my longarm after I finished quilting. 

It's cold and cloudy in Kansas this morning - a good day to stay inside and quilt.