Gallery of Show Quilts

I started entering quilt shows in 2004 when I entered this quilt, Log Rhythm, in the Pioneer Museum Quilt Show in Colorado Springs, CO.  I was so excited to win 2nd place for pieced quilts and Viewer's Choice that it inspired me to enter other shows.  It is fun to see my quilts hanging next to famous quilter's quilts and I have learned so much from the judge's comments.

Quilted on a Domestic Sewing Machine:

A Midsummer Night's Garden - 2005
76 x 83

2005 Prairie Quilt Guild Common Threads Show - Best of Show
2007 NQA Show - Honorable Mention
2008 Toured as part of the IQA 'In Full Bloom' exhibit

It's Turtles All the Way Down - 2006
77 x 80

2006 Denver National Quilt Show - Viewer's Choice
2006 AQS Quilt Expo in Nashville - Best Machine Workmanship
2007 Road to California - 3rd place for Innovative Large Quilts
2007 Applique Society Show - 1st place for Large Machine Applique' Quilts
2008 Indiana Heritage Quilt Festival - Honorable Mention
2008 MQX - 2nd place for Solo Artist
2009 Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show - 1st place
2009 HMQS - 1st place for Conventional Machine Quilting

May 2007 - featured in an article in Quilters Newsletter Magazine
Spring 2010 - appeared in the book '500 Art Quilts'

Red Deco - 2007
60 x 73

2007  AQS Show in Paducah - Honorable Mention
2007  Quilt Odyssey - 1st Place for Applique Wall Hanging
2007  Purchased for the IQA Corporate Collection

Spring Idyll - 2007
35 x 33

2007 Robert Kaufman 'Life, Love, Hope' Fabric Challenge - Grand Prize
2008  Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza - Best Machine Quilting Award

The rest of the quilts are quilted on a Longarm Quilting Machine:

Indian Summer - 2008
67 x 78

2008 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival - Honorable Mention
2008 Minnesota Quilt Show - Best Longarm Quilting
2008 Quilt Odyssey - Judge's Choice
2008 Houston Quilt Festival - 1st place for Merit Machine Quilting
2009 Indiana Heritage Quilt Show - 1st place for Mixed and Special Techniques
2009 MQX - 1st place for Wholecloth
2009 Quilt Expo - Honorable Mention
2009 Pacific International Quilt Festival - 1st Runner Up to Best of Show
2010 Road To California - 1st place for Traditional Large Quilts
2010 HMQS - 1st place for Wholecloth Quilts
2010 Milwaukee Machine Quiting Show - 1st place for Wholecloth Revisited
2010 Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show - Best of Show
2011 NQA Show - 3rd Place for Other and Best Machine Quilting (trackmounted) Small

Spring Pastorale - 2008
22 x 24

2008 MQS - 2nd place for Miniature Quilts
2009 Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show - 1st place for Miniature Quilts

Tree of Life - With Bugs - 2008
70 x 58

2009 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival - Best Machine Quilting Award
2009 Minnesota Quilt Show - Best of Show for Longarm Quilting
2010 MQX - 2nd place for Wall Quilts and Best Use of Thread
2010 Quilt Odyssey - 3rd place
2011 HMQS - Honorable Mention

Woodland Tapestry - 2009
40 x 43

2009 MQX - Best Use of Thread
2009 MQS - 2nd place for Wall Quilts
2010 Indiana Heritage Quilt Show - Honorable Mention
2011 HMQS - 2nd place
2011 Northwest Quiting Expo - 1st place

Shrinking Violets - 2009
20 x 24

2009 MQS - 1st place for Miniature Quilts
2010 MQX - 1st place for Miniature Quilts

Dancing to the Tune of Spring - 2010
35 x 34

2010 Lowell, Images 2010 Show - 2nd place for Wall Applique Quilt

Sugar Plum - 2010
23 x 23

2010 MQS - 1st place for Miniature Quilt
2011 Road To California - Best Miniature Quilt
2011 MQX - 2nd place in Small Wholecloth
2011 Minnesota Quilt Show - 3rd place for Miniature Quilt
2011 Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show - 1st place for Miniature Wholecloth

Itty Bitty Boutis - 2010
18 x 22

2011 - AQS Show in Paducah - 1st place for Miniature Quilt
2011 MQS - 2nd place for Miniature Quilt


  1. Having known you for so many years (decades) it is fun and amazing to see how your artistic talent (and love of nature/gardening) has evolved from 'illuminated' borders on wall posters and letters, to beautiful quilts. Eagerly awaiting the old ladies/witches :) You are amazing, Jan. Your sis.

  2. First time I've seen your site and thus your work. It is truly amazing and oh so beautiful.

  3. Your work is incredibly beautiful and inspirational. Any chance you'd post a tutorial on how you do techniques on - say - Spring Pastorale? Or, Shrinking Violets? Thank you for sharing your work!
    Maggie in AZ

  4. You are an amazing talent!!! I'm so impressed!!!!

  5. What a treasure you are!! Your work astounds me and inspires me to reach higher. Your "Sweetie", Peter, will be sorely missed, fondly remembered. Thank you for sharing him with our guild in Wichita. Trudy

  6. I saw one of your quilts, I believe, on facebook..looks like fall leaves around the border in batiks and possibly something like courthouse steps or such in the middle...just saw a corner of it. I love it and was wondering what pattern it was. Could you email me at to let me know.
    Also, I am so sorry about you losing your husband.
    Your quilts on here are truly wonderful.....admired them!!
    thank you, Margie Yongue

  7. I love your work! Thank you for sharing them here in one place. I am a fair piecer, but love to quilt free motion, so I really enjoy these wholecloth to nearly wholecloth quilts.

  8. Sandra C
    Awesome work, and amazing to view. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Your "Indian Summer" is Carolina Cotton Company's Favorite Quilt of the Day for April 15, 2013. It is lovely in every way! Beautiful quilting! Love the warmth! :) Gorgeous! We are sharing the foto and your link on our Facebook page at
    Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!
    Stay Cozy,
    Lisa Ann Toney
    of Carolina Cotton Company

  10. Your work is easily the most amazing quilt/needlework I've ever seen. You are an inspiration for sure.


  11. I'm a blogger and sewer as well... I was wondering if you have a pattern for turtles all the way down. My blog is purely poetry but it's art of it's own kind. I have made 3 prom dresses in the last 3 years. I adore that pattern and that quilt. I would love the challenge of making it myself.. please comment back. Thank you
    My name is Marcia by the way

  12. I'm amazed by how beautiful these quilts are and by how stunning the pattern design is... I only wish I had enough skills to design something like your "It's Turtles All The Way Down" It is exceptionally beautiful... My heart belongs to sewing but mostly to clothing.

  13. Thank you Marcia! There is no pattern for my turtle quilt but there was an article published in Quilters Newsletter about how I made the turtles. Maybe you can track down the May 2007 issue.

  14. Thank you for showing us the quilt pictures, they are all beautiful.

  15. Jan, your work is exquisite! I had the honor of seeing your quilt at Houston Quilt Festival last week, absolutely gorgeous. What longarm machine do you own? Is there an email address I could contact you directly? Thank you.

    1. Thanks Rahna! I quilt on an Innova and my email address is in my profile.

  16. friend gave me this website and it is the best day of my life!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. It gives us all inspiration to reach higher and do different things with our quilts. I usually make charity quilts, but like to do something artistic to pass on to someone whom I never meet. Once again a humble thank you. Lillian

  17. your quilts are absolutely amazing,

  18. Pure joy and delight! Kept running into "The Secret Life of Mrs Meatloaf". So glad to connect with her. I too love my cats, gardening, quilting, writing, creating! Thank you for your generosity in sharing! Elaine

  19. Can you tell me how to get the pattern for the quilt "A Midsummer Night's Garden'?
    I have searched everyplace I can think of and can't find it. That would make a beautiful gift for my friend. Can you help me???
    Thank You and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you but all of these quilts are my own designs, not made from patterns. This quilt was inspired by pictures I had seen of bed rugs made in the 17th century.