Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thanks Donna

Doing edge-to-edge or pantograph quilting is probably the best way to make a profit as a longarm quilter because the work goes faster than custom quilting.  However I'm rarely asked to do that type of quilting, my customers come to me for custom work; it's what I am known for and also what I like to do best.  One of the perks of doing that type of quilting is I get to quilt some really gorgeous quilts.  People bring me their best work, the quilts they want to have quilted specially.


Donna's quilt is a good example of this.  She spent a long time making this quilt and her workmanship is wonderful.  Her applique stitches are so tiny!  Smaller that the sewing machine stitch by far.  This is a pattern called Fantasy Flowers by Pearl Pereira of P3 Designs.



I usually do a minimum of marking but since this is a smallish quilt, I was able to put it on my design wall and chalk in the feathered border so it would be symmetrical.  The chalk I use is just plain old schoolroom chalk - it stays on long enough for me to quilt the stems and then brushes off with a damp cloth.  It's amazing what a difference the lighting makes - this photo was taken with the normal ceiling lights, the rest use photography lights.

Donna's color choices are so pretty - I love the spark of the bright blue, in the swag border especially.


She made a nice wide border and requested lots of feathers - she also mentioned that she likes curved crosshatching.  Hey - so do I!


I really enjoyed quilting this - Thanks Donna!

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Merry Christmas quilt

This is Ann's Christmas quilt.  I like that it has an understated Christmas look to it.  Ann's quilts are fun to do - her workmanship is excellent, she likes wool batting and she lets me loose to do lots of quilting.  She used a green flannel for the backing so this is a very warm snuggly quilt.


It's always a challenge to come up with a quilting design for a busy border fabric.  My usual choice is something like a piano key border - just plain straight lines, but I tried something more complicated on this quilt and like the way it turned out.

I've been working on a huge time-consuming quilt since my last post but decided to wait to post pictures until the customer picks up the quilt after Christmas.  It's an amazing quilt, so check back later!