Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things are warming up

It's barely spring and we have temperatures in the 80's - whoa Nellie!  I would like to enjoy some nice balmy spring weather before the heat hits.  I should be out in the yard pulling weeds (and bermuda grass out of the garden beds) but instead I have managed to get caught back up with my customer quilts.  It is hard to stay inside when the weather is so beautiful - at least I can leave the windows open and enjoy the breeze and the birds.

This is a beautiful quilt from Karen with dimensional applique.  Her applique is really exceptional and I even enjoyed doing the stitch in the ditch as I admired her work!  I have another quilt from Karen to post tomorrow which is also amazing.

I'm off to my small group, which Karen used to belong to before she moved out of state.  I'll have to take her quilts for the others to drool on.


  1. Nice to meet you too. The quilting is amazing!

  2. That quilt and the quilting is absolutely stunning! Excellent job on both her part and yours.
    Take care.

  3. Dear Jan,

    I'm so thrilled to see my quilts on your blog, and Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments.