Monday, April 12, 2010

Double Wedding Ring

Pam came to pick up her Double Wedding Ring quilt today.  She made it for her son's wedding and is getting it to him by his first anniversary.  I love the colors, she chose them to match his bedroom.

It's fun to see pictures of spring flowers in the gardens of all the bloggers I read.  I spent this morning in the garden cleaning garden beds of bermuda grass and violets.  I do love the violets but they are invasive, they are welcome to grow in our lawn but not the beds.  My knees and gardening muscles are feeling creaky this evening. 

The utility company has been trimming trees all over town the last few months.  Look what they did to these poor trees on the edge of town.  Why didn't they just cut them down rather than torturing them like this?

And finally, a picture that Peter took of Lily.  He takes tons of pictures of her, I think it is because she is a blond!


  1. Beautiful quilt. Excellent quilting. I hope this quilt gets displayed in a quilt show. Lovely.


  2. I agree about the trees. Arborists refer to it as 'decapitation' and I like to fantasize about offering 'decapitation' to the guys with the pruning saws and see how they like the idea. Poor trees!

  3. You sound like my husband about the trees. I tell him it's just like him getting a hair doesn't hurt and it will grow back. You just watch.

  4. Hi Jan....I was wondering if you take out of state quilting????

  5. Sorry for the second comment.....I did want to leave a comment about the wedding ring is stunning and your quilting really makes a statement....AWESOME work!!