Saturday, April 10, 2010

South Central Kansas Longarm Group

Today the South Central Kansas Longarm Group had a meeting.  We meet 2-4 times a year and today discussed becoming a little more regular in our group meetings.  There are so many longarm quilters, more all the time,that we may be ready to become a more organized guild or whatever. It's hard to transition from an informal group to a more formal one, we'll see what evolves.

We met at Dixie's house, she has a beautiful studio and a Gammill machine with Statler.  She showed us how her Statler worked.  There are probably a dozen quilters in this area with a Statler but she generated a lot of interest from the majority that don't have one.  I think they are incredible tools, but it is not where my interest lies. I enjoy guiding the machine myself;  to me it is like drawing with a needle.

Note to Lil Ned.  A Statler Stitcher is a computerized system for a longarm machine.  It uses a computer to guide the machine in a huge selection of quilting designs.  My machine is hand guided only, by MY hand.

Several people brought quilts to share. Carla brought her quilt with Merry Go Round Blocks.

Bev brought her pumpkin Block of the Month.

Siriporn brought the first quilt she ever quilted with her longarm, a beautiful Lone Star.


  1. Looks like fun! I have that pumpkin quilt to quilt for a customer!

  2. Well, I would expect nothing less!