Thursday, April 8, 2010

Humid and thunderstormy

It is starting to feel humid and thunderstormy here in Kansas.  The other day we watched the clouds pile up to the east of us and they got hammered with rain and hail in that direction.  Peter took this picture from our backyard.  So far we have just gotten lots of wind, but that is pretty normal for Kansas.

My other small group met yesterday.  These ladies invited me to join them when I first moved to Kansas and we meet twice a month to have brunch, do show and share and work on our projects together.  Although they all quilt, it is common for everyone to bring some other type of handwork: crochet, knitting or embroidery.  I asked Virginia to bring her crocheted baby blankets so I could take a picture.  Virginia does
beautiful work, and she is fast!

 The blue one she made for her son about fifty years ago. 

The white one she just finished and is keeping for some lucky baby to come.  I think she plans to enter it in our county fair this summer - I'm sure it will bring home a blue ribbon.

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