Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mini Road Trip

On Monday Peter and I drove to Manhattan for a quilt appraisal. That's Manhattan, Kansas, the Little Apple. It's a pretty drive through the Flint Hills although winter is not the most colorful time of the year to enjoy the scenery. The only AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser in Kansas, Carol Elmore, lives in Manhattan. We visit her several times a year to have her appraise the quilts that I ship to shows for replacement value. We always enjoy the trip and visiting Carol, she has been appraising my quilts for the past four or five years. Here she is at work on our Prairie Quilt Guild Opportunity Quilt:

One of our favorite parts of visiting Carol is eating lunch afterward at Harry's in downtown Manhattan. It is a wonderful restaurant in an old hotel with really yummy food, a little expensive for us, but a real treat. I love the old plasterwork on the ceiling and have thought it would make a great quilting design. This time I had my camera with me and got this picture.

Here is one last picture of one of our feral kittens, crazy Rorschach, sprawled out asleep in the sun. He has white feet with black toe-pads - quite cute!

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  1. The quilt looks beautiful. The plaster in the restaurant is inspiring for some kind of quilting motif. And your Kitties look very comfortable.