Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brainless in Kansas

The other day I sat down to fill out the application for the IQA Chicago Show so I could enter my spring tulip quilt. (I posted pictures in an earlier post) To my disgust, I discovered that I had forgotten that the quilt needs to be a minimum of 40 inches on a side. My quilt is a few inches smaller than that. What an idiot I am! One thing I have learned about entering shows is to read the rules very carefully, and I know I did read the rules for this show. Somehow, I lost sight of that important fact in the midst of creating the quilt. Oh well, I will find another show to enter it in, but I am disappointed.

It's horribly cold and nasty outside so I decided to treat myself to a preview of my Hawaiian applique quilt even though I still have 3 blocks to go. I put the 27 finished blocks up on my design wall and played around finding a border fabric. Here is what I came up with:

Jeez it is bright, I feel like I need sun glasses to look at it under the lights! But it does kind of brighten things up on a dark winter day. I love the inside border fabric, it fades from yellow to orange to magenta - pretty wild. I've decided to call this quilt Wild Child. First I have to finish the final three blocks. I am so SICK of this block. Never again will I do the same block over and over again in a hand appliqued quilt - it just goes on forever.

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