Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big quilts

I just finished two big quilts for Eddie -really big. The kind that won't even fit on my design wall. After a while when I advance the quilt on the longarm machine I wonder, is this the last row? - nope, is THIS the last row? - NOPE, is THIS the last row? NOPE! You get the idea. But they turned out well and Eddie was pleased. The first one she called Flock of Geese but I don't know the designer. I used mostly a kind of selective continuous curve for the quilting design. I wanted to avoid stitch in the ditch which would have taken forever.

The second one is even bigger than the first. Eddie called it Heart and again I have no idea of the pattern designer. This was for her daughter and it was fun doing lots of feathers and hearts and girly stuff.

The colors are a little off in the pictures, but it is very pink.

I have been exiled from my studio - the heater died. Of course it is now snowing and turning really cold so I have had to move in to the dining room to work. I brought my sewing machine in and figured I might as well use my time in exile to get some of my own projects done. Poor Arabella the Longarm machine is shivering out there by her lonesome. I hope they get the heater fixed soon because I really don't want to get behind.


  1. Eddie's quilts are beautiful! The quilting you did on them really complements their beauty. Hope your heat is back on real soon.

  2. Oh dear, the original Arabella moved to California to avoid the cold Illinois winters. She's going to annoyed at finding herself back in the Midwest.