Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Magnificent Toby


Cheryl requested no flowers, leaves, hearts, puppies or anything representational in the quilting of this wall hanging.  I stuck to my trusty ruler for the most part. My incredible photographic skills have distorted the shape a bit.


It will hang on a dark blue wall and will look smashing there!

I delivered the quilt to her house so that I could meet, at long last, her amazing Maine Coon cat.  This is Toby.  He looks almost normal here - but he is enormous!  He weighs 27 pounds and is absolutely magnificent! 

Here you can see him in relation to a normal sized human (Cheryl) and you can see he is quite large.  If I didn't already have four totally psychotic rescued feral cats I would have kit-napped him.

This morning I got up early and headed to the Farmer's Market in Wichita.  It opens at 7 am and I got there 15 minutes early because today was Tomato Day and a total zoo.  There were already 20 people in line at the Tomato Man's stall and when I turned around and looked at the line behind me I saw this:


It was worth it though - other vendors sell tomatoes but his are THE BEST.  I brought home quite a haul.  Yum.


  1. The quilt is lovely--the colors are very nice together, and the circular shape suits them. (I've always wanted to use blues and golds in a quilt together) That cat is amazing!

  2. 'tis one honker of a cat!...the bigger the better I always say (despite having 2 diabetic cats that had to be dieted...)

  3. Love the quilt, love the cat, and love the 'maters. I am jealous of all three.