Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In need of sunflowers

Barb is redoing her sewing room with a sunflower theme so brought me five small sunflower quilts to quilt.  She will definitely have the best dressed sewing room around!


When she brought me the quilts, the pieces had started to fall off two of them - probably from sitting in her car and getting hot.  She took those back to re-iron the pieces back on.  It was hard to get them to stick so I told her to use Elmer's School Gluestick to keep them on long enough for me to quilt down.  I don't think we lost any little pieces!

The fun challenge of quilting fused applique is stitching around all the little pieces.

This has been an unusually cool and damp summer in Wichita this year with lots of rain.  Sedgwick had it's share of flooding and I have had a damp basement to deal with. 

This was taken before the water rose high enough that the road had to be closed.  Usually the water level is far below the bridge, far enough that you can't see it very well as you cross.

This is taken from the other side of the bridge - you can just see the top of a fence in that field. Welcome to Sedgwick!  Bring your boat.

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  1. Jan, tell Barb that I LOVE her sunflowers! Especially the big one at the top of your post. As a good Leo, I am a real sunflower lover, and these are just spectacular quilts. Wow.