Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching up on my quilting

It's been a while since I last posted because I have been having problems with Blogger and they have been less than helpful.  I just finished this quilt for Renee - she wanted lots of quilting and plans to enter it in her guild's show. 

It was a challenge to choose a thread color that didn't totally disappear into that vibrant green fabric.  Green blended in too well and became invisible.  I ended up with a medium turquoise blue.

This is Judy's quilt - it's a BIG one.  You can see it hangs off my design wall in the photo. 

Judy is a quilter after my own heart - she loves sparkly stuff!  The snowflakes are all made from Fairy Frost fabric and the stripe has lots of gold metallic.  I discouraged her from using gold metallic thread over the entire quilt because she does want to use this on her bed.  I did use some but mostly used Glide  thread in gold - it gives something like the same effect as real metallic thread.


I wish I had picked all the threads off this before I took the picture - they drive me crazy! 
 carried the snowflake theme into the blocks as well.

I'm almost caught up on my quilting list!


  1. Gorgeous! how on earth did you do the mini snowflake in the star center? free-hand?

  2. Thanks Susan! I marked six spokes for the snowflake in chalk and did the rest freehand. It's not hard!

  3. Ohh I really love that first quilt! Stunning! Really breathtaking quilting! Congratulations.