Saturday, August 6, 2011

An elegant quilt and dead tastebuds

This is such an elegant little quilt!  Merilyn made it as a sample for our local Wichita quilt shop, Material Girls.  She said the fabric also comes in red and cream but I think the taupe and cream is beautiful.

Merilyn didn't want heavy background quilting so the applique blocks are really just done with SID quilting.

This  is from a few days ago:

Fortunately it has cooled down - to only 100 degrees and we have had a good rain.  This morning it was 72 degrees out, the coolest it had been in weeks.  It felt heavenly!  But at the Farmer's Market this morning I heard a little girl complaining about being cold to her mother, so I guess we all have our own personal thermostat.

This was Peter's breakfast recently: I think his tastebuds are dying.  (That's a sliced cold wienie on his popcorn)


  1. Merilyn's quilt and your quilting are just lovely! I may have to go check out the red version of that fabric.

    Peter's breakfast? I'm speechless. I don't suppose he poured milk over that yet?

  2. Very elegant quilt with very elegant quilting.

  3. Mayleen - I didn't think it could be any worse but milk would do it!