Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who is that masked man?

This quilt of Ann's is a beauty!  It's big and has about a million little pieces in it - just thinking about all that piecing makes me a little queasy.  But Ann is a precision piecer and does wonderful work.  I love the border print she used around the edge. 

I'm not usually a fan of civil war reproduction fabrics but I love these fabrics - in fact I realized I had bought the same fabrics for a quilt I started three years ago.  This is how far I have gotten on it:

Peter and I drove to Manhattan to see quilt appraiser Carol Elmore and have her appraise a quilt for me.  It was foggy when we left home in the morning and the sun broke through as we were driving through the Flint Hills.  I saw this:

And realized it was HUNDREDS of orb spider webs wet with moisture from the fog and glistening in the sunlight. 

It was beautiful, but I wouldn't want to meet the hundreds of spiders that went with them!

From our most recent Prairie Quilt Guild meeting:  who is that masked man?

It's Captain Quilt (aka Peter) He's everywhere, he's everywhere!