Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stippling and the Tomato Man

I just finished this quilt for Judy, I think it is probably the 12th one of this pattern that I have quilted.  Luckily, I do like the design!  Judy wanted heavy quilting which is time consuming but really my favorite way to quilt.  She is new to quilting and did a nice job on this rather complicated design.

Some people are tired of stippling, but Judy requested it as a background pattern.  I like it too, although I do think it was overused for a while.  Anything gets tiresome if it is used everywhere, whether it is stippling, McTavishing, feathers or the current favorite: curved crosshatching. 

It's been so hot here for so long that no one has been able to grow tomatoes in their backyard.  I have three big healthy plants that I keep watering but it is so hot that what blossoms they manage to produce just drop off.  Peter and I have been driving in to Wichita early every Saturday morning to go to the Farmer's Market.  We have to get there early or the Tomato Man runs out of tomatoes.  Here is the line at his stall.

As we left the Market the line had more than doubled but I had my bag full of tomatoes safely in my hand.  We eat them at just about every meal - YUM.


  1. Beautiful quilting! I don't eat tomatoes but my Mom eats them every day too. I read a couple weeks ago that they keep your skin looking younger!

  2. Your quilting is beautiful! I love the effect of the feathers on one side of the vine and the filler on the other.