Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spam for Thanksgiving

This is Karen's quilt with all the embroidered baskets.  I left it on my design wall to enjoy until she picked it up, it is such a cheerful little quilt!

Her embroidery is really well done, such tiny even stitches.

Linda wanted gold metallic thread on her quilt.

It is very sparkly in the right light.

Our email address book was hacked this week.  All of our friends received a Viagra ad thanks to some cheesy spammer.  I changed our email password and we took the computer in to be checked.  It was clear of viruses and malware so I think it is safe to open our emails once again!

I'm still madly trying to catch up after my three weeks without a longarm machine.  As a result, Dood now feels like home so it was a good way to get me acclimated to a new machine!

Happy Thanksgiving to all - I plan to use my new turkey platter for the first time.


  1. Love those little baskets. Do you have any idea where she got the patterns? Great quilting as well.

  2. I have that embroidery pattern. It's called Aunt Bea's Parlor by Black Cat Creations. It's available in hand or machine formats. I bought the machine embroidery pattern. Seeing this one makes me really want to get going on mine!