Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Before and after

I'm amazed no one found the problem - or at least no one left a comment that they did.  That makes me feel a little better because I always check the quilt over for problems before I unpin it from the machine, and I was kicking myself for missing it. 

Here is the problem block, it's the one with the pink flowers.

Here it is after I fixed it in a photo taken in very different lighting.  You can see I left out the crosshatched triangle on the left side of the block.

Blogger is misbehaving, I'm having a terrible time getting the pictures where I want them!

Now go back to the photo of the whole quilt on yesterday's post and your eye will find it like a magnet!


  1. If you had not pointed it out I don't think I would have ever found it!

  2. I only could see it after you lead me to it. But funny how after you know, it really sticks out. Glad that you were able to find and fix it. The quilt is beautiful and the quilting is exquisite.

  3. I so would have called it 'artistic license' and left it there! But then, I'm no quilter. You da boss lady!

  4. I did leave a comment yesterday about that...and even thought it didn't look bad with the mistake, it looks fabulous now...just like the rest of the quilt!

  5. I did eventually find it, and am impressed you fixed it! The whole quilting job is gorgeous!

  6. I know your mind is a ease after fixing the mistake but I still had to really look carefully to find the first time. Your work, as always, is outstanding!