Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quilts and apricots

Here are a few more quilts from the show.  The quilt above is from an Elsie Campbell pattern made by Karen Tombough - it's really eyecatching!

I love the red background Mayleen Vinson used on this quilt made from fabric selvedges.

Karen Morrison made an interesting pieced border for this quilt.

Tammy Gross won Best in Category for this quilt made from a pattern in McCall's Quilting. It has a lot of special handwork that took a long time to do.

Lynn Sandoval's quilt is the first one below and I consider it sort of my step-quilt,or maybe my grand-quilt.  She used as inspiration the article in Quilters Newsletter from several years ago about how I made my quilt (below Lynn's quilt), It's Turtles all the Way Down.  Lynn says she had everyone in her family design a different turtle shell.  I like it!

The other day I went apricot-picking at a local orchard with my friend Betty.  We went early in the morning while it was still cool. If I had to pick apricots all day long it would be work, but walking along the trees (which were loaded with fruit) and picking a few buckets full with the birds singing was just about perfect.

 Today I will make freezer jam with my bucket full.


  1. Love the grand-quilt!

    And I am jealous you got to pick apricots. I never see good, fully ripe apricots around here and I miss them from when we were kids in Santa Clara Valley, living in a house built in a former apricot orchard. I had a very short career 'cutting cots' for a local grower when I was in junior high -- a summer job lots of kids did back in the 1950's. It was short because on the first afternoon I sliced into an apricot and found an icky worm -- and quit on the spot. (What a wimp!)

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful quilts. I wish I could have been there!

  2. My nephew and I went out last Tuesday morning, early, early and picked apricots (about 160 pounds) and this week I have been canning, canning, canning!! I love it and it is so rewarding to do all the work to get to the finished products!!