Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot and quilty

I finished up a small (33 x 33 inches) quilt for Marsha the Thimbleberries lady. She fooled me this time and used Kansas Troubles fabrics and a Miss Rosie pattern.

My guild, Prairie Quilt Guild in Wichita met this week.  Our speaker was Pam Bono and she brought lots of quilts to share.  Sometimes pattern designers bring quilts that look like they were quilted as quickly as possible but the quilting on her quilts was spectacular, done by longarm quilter Mary Nordeng.  I chose the pictures that showed her quilting the best (and feature also the back of some heads!)

It's hot hot hot here - combined with the humidity it definitely feels like summer.  How on earth did the early pioneers manage, wearing long sleeves, long skirts and lots of undergarments?  I bet they were pretty fragrant! 

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  1. The Kansas Troubles quilt is beautiful. Great job on the stitching. I love feather!