Saturday, July 24, 2010

A beautiful quilt made from silk ties

I love this quilt that Renee made from red silk ties - unfortunately she wants it back!  I used Superior Bottom Line thread which usually gives me no problems.  Arabella (my longarm) did not like the combination of Bottom Line and the fusible web used behind the silk ties. I had to go v-e-r-y slowly for her sake. She is not usually so tempermental.

The hot weather continues.  The weird thing is that you kind of get used to it after a while - it is supposed to actually dip down into the 80's for the next few days so I will probably freeze.

This is a picture from our quilt show last month that I forgot to post.  These are my friends Lynn and Connie at the awards ceremony - they swear they did not plan this!


  1. I have long had a fascination with men's ties. I have 100's of them. I love them mostly for the design possibilities. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful and I love the quilting. I am so glad to have found your sight and enjoyed the tour.

  2. I just love a good crosshatching job! Beautiful!!

  3. Jan, once again you have done a magnificent job. In a word.....WOW!

  4. A quilt being such a better place for men's ties than on the actual men!

    Amazing quilting job, Jan. You are a wonder. And give Arabella a pat for me. Steady, girl, steady. (Perhaps she was being briefly inhabited by the ghost of the real Arabella, who couldn't sew three stitches in a row without having to stop and rip them out. I'm sure she is thrilled to have such a wonderful replacement in the afterlife.)