Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Although I am usually sick of Christmas by Thanksgiving, the way the stores start decorating before Halloween, I do love my Christmas tree. I have ornaments that I have collected over the years and some that belonged to my parents and it is always fun to see them again. But not this year! There is a kitten in the house, more of a teenage cat actually. This is Lily.

The camera flash makes her eyes glow - she really is not an alien. Her mother, a feral cat, brought Lily and her siblings under our porch to live this summer. We brought her inside and want to keep her as a pet now. I was so surprised that she looks Siamese. Her mother is a tortoise shell and the other kittens were black and white, and orange. Anyway, frisky kitties and Christmas ornaments do not mix. So here is the extent of my Christmas decorating this year:

It will be easy to put away after Christmas! (The floating quilt in the mirror is hanging on the opposite wall.)

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