Saturday, September 17, 2016

A record-breaking week


There are several quilts I have been waiting to post here on my blog.  Cardinal Points is the latest collaboration between Gail Stepanek and me.  We just found out that it is a winner at Quilt Festival in Houston but we will have to wait until the award's ceremony to find out exactly what it has won.


Gail is an amazing piecer; all those itty bitty diamonds are pieced!

This is quilted mostly with 100 wt. silk thread but I did break down and use a small amount of metallic thread.  I used Sparkle thread from YLI -  it is a subtle twist of metallic and 100 wt. silk.  There are two batts, Hobbs wool and Hobb's cotton/wool blend.

This turned out to be a record-breaking week for us; in addition to finding out we had won something in Houston, Cache of Carats won Best of Show at the AQS show in Chattanooga and Stars on Mars won Best of Show at it's final show - Quilt Expo in Madison, WI.  Wow!

I've had a long vacation from quilting, an enforced vacation, because my machine was off being worked on. While I was having some new goodies installed on my machine , Brad the Innova guy discovered that one of my bearings was shot.  He ended up taking the machine off with him for repair. Because of one thing and another, I ended up being without my machine for over a month.  The first few weeks were fun but I began chomping at the bit to get back to work.  It's now home and running better than ever. I love my new upgrades; the latest version of Lightning Stitch- my stitch regulator and  the new micro handles and light.


The board of Prairie Quilt Guild always makes a quilt for the outgoing president.  I quilted the quilt we made for President Judy Ermey - she loves sunflowers so this is appropriate!

It's a signature quilt signed by the board members and all the speakers from the past year.


  1. beautiful! I love the sunflower/Dresden quilt, fun idea to add signatures. Have fun with your 'pimped' out machine!

  2. Congratulations! I am honored to have had you quilt one of my quilts.
    Jane Anderson

  3. What fabulous news! Your quilting is amazing and Gail is truly a master piecer. Great job!!!

  4. Oh my, that is a breathtaking quilt! Congratulations!

  5. Oh my, that is a breathtaking quilt! Congratulations!

  6. The new quilt is really gorgeous. Gail's lighter color palate showcase your fantastic quilting so well.

  7. Cardinal Points is to die for! I may have to make me one someday.

  8. Gorgeous quilt.....the quilting is absolutely SUPERB! Your bloggy fans miss our posts..... sigh.