Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time on my hands

I've been enjoying having my quilting time to myself although I haven't had a longarm to work on for the last few weeks.  My machine is being worked on and I am looking forward to getting it back soon with some new goodies added to it.

My guild's last speaker was Lea McComas and she did a wonderful program and workshop.  For her workshop, we sent her a photo of a person or pet and she prepared a pattern to work from.  I'm a huge fan of Lea and after that class have an even greater respect for her quilts.  Although I am happy with my finished project, making it just about finished me!

Just look at this pattern - all those itsy bitsy little pieces to cut out! Aaaack!


But I persevered and am happy with my little quilt of my husband, Peter.

I went to an auction a week ago with a nice assortment of antiques including a collection of vintage toy sewing machines.  I hadn't planned on bidding on any of them  but they were going for a song so I bought this cute little red one for my studio.


At the auction I was struck by the fact that the audience was 99% my age and older.  No wonder prices seemed low; how many sets of china and pieces of nice old furniture does one person have room for?


  1. What a wonderful job you did on the picture of your husband! The pattern sure looks daunting and I think you deserve a Gold Star for attempting it :) Great job!!!

  2. I'm sure Peter would be thrilled with his quilt. That photo really captures his smiling 'Peterness'!

  3. I've always wanted to make a photo quilt, and yours is a nice memorial to your husband.

  4. Hey Jan, just a shout out for your Best of Show Quilt at Quilt Expo, Wisconsin! Congratulations! it's beautiful!