Saturday, May 16, 2015

You can't go wrong with polka dots

This is Joanne's sampler quilt done with wool applique. 



I used wool batting and all the applique is nice and puffy - like little stuffed animals.

Joanne's piecing is nice and precise, just look at those nice straight lines along the sashing and borders!

This is Kelly's quilt; she chose the fabrics and all the blocks were made by different people.  That means that some of the blocks are really well pieced and some of them... are not well pieced.  That's what always
happens in a group quilt!


I do love the fabrics Kelly chose - anything with polka dots and I'm on board.  When I think back on all my own quilts, I think they all have a polka dot fabric in them somewhere, except for the wholecloth quilts.

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  1. I suddenly started wondering about the 'polka' part of 'polka dots' -- why not 'waltz dots' or 'minuet dots'? But I agree they are fun, and I am glad to see they are back in style, in fashion and in quilts