Sunday, May 31, 2015

Berry Picking Party

It's amazing to me that most customers hand over their tops and tell me, 'Do whatever you think looks best'.  Very few give me any kind of specific instructions.  When Merilyn gave me her cute embroidered top she knew what she wanted and what she didn't want. I know it is a compliment that my customers trust me but I like a customer that knows what she wants!

Merilyn didn't want crosshatching over the embroidery, which I sometimes do.  She also didn't want any tight quilting, closer that about half an inch apart.


I followed the embroidery with monofilament thread and didn't do any tight background fills.

 enjoy quilting Crabapple Hill patterns like this one.  This is 'Berry Picking Party'.


  1. Very pretty, nice job on the feathers around the motifs.

  2. You did a lovely job, working with our customers is key, when they know what they want it does help.

  3. Very pretty. The simplicity of the quilting works well on this one.