Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some holiday quilts

Renee says it took her a couple of years worth of Shop Hop shopping to find the fabrics for this cute applique quilt made from a Piece of Cake pattern. She did such a good job on all the applique and wanted custom quilting to make it shine.  I did another quilt for her a while back - another holiday quilt which is timely now:

It was hard to decide what thread to use on the green blocks.  Any green just  blended in and made the quilting invisible so I ended up using a gold colored Glide thread which shows up just enough.



This is Patty's pretty and HUGE block of the month quilt:

Patty is a pro - these blocks are all well pieced.
When I finished the quilting I was horrified to find several pleats on the back behind the bottom piano key border.  I have had few problems with pleats and pinches on the back since I got my Innova so this did not make me happy!  I had to spend an hour ripping and re-quilting and now all is well.



  1. Those are all three beautiful. I just love the green one and love how you quilted it. That one must have been really fun.
    The pleat does not sound like fun, I have had those too and spending time taking out and redoing quilting is not fun.

  2. that green and red holiday quilt is stunning…the quilting complements to quilt well

  3. Love the red and green, what a beauty.

  4. The work on both is just stunning. So sorry about the pleats but at least you got it fixed.