Monday, October 27, 2014

It had me stumped

This quilt is a reproduction of a quilt made in the mid 19th century that is in the Shelburne Museum.  Tammy bought the pattern a few years ago when the Wichita Art Museum had an exhibit of quilts from the Shelburne. 

She was new to applique when she started this quilt about eight years ago and says you can see how her skill progressed if you look closely at the quilt.

Tammy said the directions for the quilt were pretty vague and I can't imagine trying to applique on such a huge piece of fabric!

I really liked this quilt when I saw it at the exhibit and was excited to get to quilt it until I actually had to come up with a design.  It had me stumped for a while because of the unusual non-symmetrical layout. 

I would like to have used wool batting but because the background of this quilt is bright white it wouldn't have worked well.  The wool is very beige in color and would have dimmed the white to cream.  I ended up using Hobbs 80/20 and Aurifil thread.

All that background quilting wore me out so I'm happy I will have a week off from my longarm to recuperate.


  1. It's really beautiful! I love the way you echoed the vine on each side.

  2. You really outdid yourself with that one................totally jawdropping beautiful!!!!

  3. Uh huh, gorgeous quilting on a beautiful quilt.

  4. Wow. The quilt is wonderful and your quilting just right, as always. I love your blog, such beautiful photography of everything too.

  5. As per usual Jan, you have done the quilt proud.. great choice of quilting design and great execution.. well done..