Monday, June 2, 2014

Jan Z. quilts up a storm

Jan Z. made this bright quilt.  It looks a bit wobbly in the photo because it is huge and I had a hard time getting it level on the design wall.  Actually it is very straight and square - Jan Z. is an excellent piecer.

Quilting on black is painful when using black thread, but with bright purple and orange Omni thread it wasn't a problem.  This also has black batting and backing.

Jan Z. has just started entering her quilts in shows and is off to a great start.  This quilt that I quilted for her has won ribbons at the Dallas Quilt Celebration, OKC Winter Quilt Show and a BOS at the Denver National Quilt Show.

This quilt, also quilted by me, has also won awards at those shows including at least two Viewer's Choice awards.

I'm always encouraging the many talented quilters in my guild to enter shows and it is nice to see them do so well.

I'm not the only one enjoying the beautiful spring weather - here are two of my cats; Rosie and her son Rorschach. The building in the background is my studio.


  1. I like your orange/purple star and the barns quilt.
    24Tangent "at" gmail "dot" com

  2. Wow Jan! I love how the purple on the black looks, and I learned something new, I was unaware there is black batting. Please give my compliments to Jan Z, she IS an amazing piecer!

  3. Wow, very striking, it glows! I hope this one will be in the show too. Hello to Rosie and Rorschach!

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