Friday, May 9, 2014

Selvage Star of Bethlehem

Here is another of Mayleen's amazing quilts.  This is her Selvage Star of Bethlehem inspired by an antique quilt.  You can see a picture of the inspiration quilt on her blog.  This is her third of fourth selvage quilt that I know of.  She asked our guild for help collecting selvages and now has a seemingly unending supply of them.  I know she is working on another one now.


She always moans about how bad she thinks she did on the piecing but honestly, it looks good up close.  And I do see it up close and personal when I quilt it!

I've been told these little curly things I quilted look like Cheeto trees! 

I like how this curly border turned out.

You might remember me posting some cute rainbow-hued booties crocheted by my friend Virginia, who is in my little Sedgwick sewing group.  She came up with another cute pair for a new little cowboy!


  1. I'm sure that star center seams didn't match when I finished piecing. Are you sure you're not repiecing my quilts? For some reason, I have a sudden urge to eat Cheetos.

  2. I've never heard of selvedge quilts but I love this idea. Luckily I took Miss Mosten's sewing class in 8th grade Home Arts class in 1963, so I know what a selvedge is. And now to search out some Cheetos.

  3. Your quilting is always an inspiration and I needed one today - I am facing a difficult pieced border, with my instincts taking me one way, and the "customer" (a dear friend in this case) pushing me another. Your treatment of the pieced border - very different from the one I have - was just right - simple and elegant. Thank you for these photos!!