Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I finished Karen's Winter Wonderland quilt in time for Christmas.  (This is a Karen from my guild here in Wichita, not the Karen from Texas in a recent post) She does such a nice job on the embroidery that I really hate to quilt over it, but if I don't it will look saggy baggy and awful.  I usually just do cross-hatching or straight line quilting over the embroidery, but I really hated to quilt over those cute fat snowmen! 

 I decided to quilt around the snowmen and put the straight line quilting behind them.  Once I get quilting my brain tends to drift off and I find myself thinking about what's for dinner, quilts I want to make, errands I need to run etc. and sometimes that gets me in trouble.  I found I had quilted right over this poor little guy - doesn't he look like he's been run over? 

 I picked out a few stitches and here he is all plump again.

One more quilt to finish and I'm on vacation!


  1. I love the pattern "winter wonderland" and hope to someday make it. Your quilt is beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  2. It looks beautiful, I love this quilt and seeing all the different ways it looks after being quilted. Thankyou for sharing. Enjoy your Christmas.

  3. Poor wee snowman...luckily you came to and saved him! What a fabulous quilt.

  4. Little tubby snowmen are the best. Great quilting, Jan!

  5. Hi Jan, i am also a longarm quilter and have my first embroidery quilt to machine quilt. My customer has picked out a panto (for the sake of keeping the cost down)and i was hoping you could give me a bit of advice. If i use a panto (working from the back side of my machine) i will not be able to view my stitches and was wondering if you had any issues with the embroidery getting caught in the hopping foot. I see you have stitched through the embroidery in your quilt here but you were obviously working from the front of the machine. Just wondering if i will get myself in trouble working from the back and should encourage my customer to spend the extra $ for a custom application. Maybe it's no big deal either way, but thought i would ask from your thoughts. I appreciate it, thank you. Karen

    1. Hi Karen,

      I have not had a problem with my foot getting snagged in the embroidery. The embroidery on this quilt was very well done with small even stitches. I wouldn't think it would be a problem unless there are some real toe-nail catchers on yours. Check the stitches and if they look too big or loose, talk to you customer about another option.