Saturday, December 3, 2011

I get to meet Karen, at last!

I have quilted four quilts for Karen over the last few years and I finally got to meet her!  She lives in Texas, our connection is through her cousin Lynn who is also a quilter.  She came by to pick up her quilt and meet me - I'm so glad she did!

Not so happy is the story of this quilt, Really"Wild"Flowers: Second Season by Sharon Schlotzhauer.  I met Sharon in Colorado Springs where we were both members of Piecing Partners Quilt Guild.  Sharon and I both started entering shows at about the same time and I have kept an eye on her and her quilts since I left Colorado.  She has been winning many ribbons for her beautiful quilts: her Really "Wild" Flowers quilt has won awards in Knoxville, Road To California and Houston.  Sadly,it also disappeared in Houston after the show was taken down and before it was shipped home.

She told me she is heartbroken to lose her quilt, she felt it was the best work she has done.  I always worry about my quilts when they are shipped, I figure that is when they are most vulnerable and I breathe a sigh of relief when they reach their destination.  It's frightening that this quilt was lost in Houston, where they take such care with the quilts. The quilts we enter in shows have so many hours of thought and work and love in them, they are practically members of the family by the time they are finished.  I can't imagine how awful it must be to lose one.

Anyway, keep a watch out for Sharon's quilt: it is listed on the Lost Quilts site there is a lot of talk about it now on the Internet.

Here's more bad news: Sheri's beautiful Storm at Sea quilt from several posts ago bled when she wet it down to block it.  This was after prewashing all the fabrics twice with Synthrapol.  The Cherrywood website suggests washing it again, more than once if necessary with Synthrapol.  Any suggestions?


  1. Thanks for helping to spread the news about this missing quilt! I hope many of your followers will start following the Lost Quilt Come Home we page, too! I have a Facebook page for it now, too. Blessings, Maria,

  2. I had a quilt with Cherrywood fabrics in it that bled also. I ended up washing it four times with Synthrapol and a Dye Magnet type product until the color came out.

  3. For Sheri's Storm At Sea, I recommend a long soak with Synthrapol and hot water. I wrote this article about removing excess dye:

    The key is that the quilt stay in the water for several overnight.
    I've only used Cherrywood fabrics once and that's why.