Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lots of feathers

This is another of Karen's well-made quilts.  It is really square, although in my photo it looks a little goofy.  Her colors seem wonderfully adventuresome for a reproduction quilt: the green in the border is a bit muckier in person and the pink is brighter. 

She asked for lots of feathers and I was happy to comply.
I have one more of Karen's quilts to do but  it will have to wait until January.


  1. As usual you have some beautiful quilts to quilt. The NY Beauty is gorgeous. This repro star quilt is stunning. Looks like you are going to enjoy some time off for the holidays.

  2. You must have had to really talk yourself in to doing those feathers!! Of course you were happy to do feathers! Is there anyone who doesn't like feathers?

  3. Jan, it's beautiful! I love the branching feathered border.