Friday, March 4, 2011

An icebox full of quilts

I love this quilt that Ann made for her son - her piecing is wonderful and I love the Japanese taupe-y fabrics.  She likes me to use wool batting which I also love - it makes the quilting really shine through. 

Today I gave  Donna, a new Innova owner, some help with her machine. Actually, she didn't need a lot of help since she is an experienced machine quilter (with her sewing machine) and is smart and not intimidated by her new machine.  She had quilts all over her house and I asked her if I could take  a picture of some of her quilts in an old icebox - isn't this a wonderful way to display quilts?

Peter and I spent the morning at the Wichita Garden Show - more about that later...


  1. Ann's quilt is beautiful. You are so lucky to have such talented quilters in your area. Their quilts are so inspiring. Your wonderful quilting is also inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ein wunderschöner Quilt. Die Farben sind so schön.
    Danke für das Zeigen Kate

  3. What a Classy Quilt!!! Also your quilting is wonderful. My husband just laughed when I told him we need a another ice box so I could store some quilts! Love the Display