Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You asked for it

Anyone else old enough to remember that old television show?  I thought I would show how I did the border on the quilt in the previous post because Vivian - You asked for it!

I rarely use commercial stencils because I like drawing my own designs.  That is what I did in the border of Mary's quilt.  I used the length of the block as my guide for the size of the design; that way I can mark the border while the quilt is on the machine, as I go.  I measured the length and width of the area and then doodled around until I had a design I liked.

Since this design was fairly complicated I used template plastic and then cut it out with scissors.  It probably took less than an hour to end up with this- which is half of the total design.  I just flip it over and trace out the other half.  I actually try not to mark quilts for customers because it is time consuming, but sometimes it just seems like that's what the quilt needs!  Besides, if I have the time, I think it's fun.

Sometimes if the design isn't too complex, I will draw it on freezer paper; I make a double thickness by ironing two pieces together. (shiny sides together - I learned to do that in a workshop with Kim Diehl) This works well but doesn't hold up as well as the template plastic so I only use it on simpler designs.  This one I tried first with freezer paper and then decided to use template plastic.

I have also used manila folders.

It really helps to use a good marking tool - I love this Bohin marker that I bought at MQS this spring.  It has a small point which makes it possible to mark very accurately.  So far it has come out easily with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

I keep the templates I make and reuse them on other quilts.  Hope that answered your question and wasn't TMI!


  1. Wow-too cool! Thanks! I'm going to google that marker.

  2. Tank you for the Message it is very helpful.

  3. Lovely designs - I'm trying hard to start doing some decent machine quilting (OK on a domestic machine) but I'm please with this weekend's progress and now you've given me more ideas to play with